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Designation Levels

The Yoga Alliance European Registry (YAER) Standards system is to include a school in the RYS (Registered Yoga School) online Directory only when its YTT (Yoga Teacher Training) meets the requirements set forth by Yoga Alliance European Registry.

 The Registered Yoga School (“RYS”) and its various designation levels are conferred by Yoga Alliance European Registry. 

A RYS may hire consultants or a specialist to deliver specific components within the course syllabi, who provide expert advice in a particular field of expertise (i.e. Anatomy, Yoga History and Philosophy, Sanskrit etc.)

All RYSs are required to deliver Continuing Education Courses to ensure that all YAER RYSs provide high quality continuing education programs for yoga teachers and countless categories of professionals within the holistic and well-being industry.

To raise the bar for YTT in Europe and the rest of the world we have removed the most commonly used RYS 200-hour standards replaced by the RYS 250 PLUS. This new standard has successfully been introduced in China by one of the largest yoga training providers in the country also a member of the association, and in Italy nationwide by Yoga Alliance International Italia.

Click one of the Registry Marks below to learn more about each single designation requirements