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Member Overview


Yoga Alliance European Registry offers four types of designations:

Each of these designations has its own set of specific standards and/or requirements. To be listed in our online directory and access our Member Benefits you must join the Registry and maintain your membership to retain any of these designations.

See the designations below for eligibility requirements.

Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT)


Yoga Teachers who complete a 250 hour teacher training and/or holds a 200 hour qualification and minimum 50 hours of proven teaching experience or that have completed additional training with a registered on non registered Yoga Alliance European Registry school, can access the Registry as a RYT 250 PLUS.

Available Membership Levels 

Specialty Designations 

ALL Specialty designation can be a standalone credential; you don't have to hold a 250 PLUS or above before adding a RCYT, RPYT or a RYT YIN 50/100 designation.