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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Yoga Alliance European Registry (YAER)?

The YAER is a Yoga Governing Body dedicated to European yoga teachers and schools of all styles, traditions and lineages.The YAER is a membership organisation that maintain a self-regulated independent Registry of yoga teachers whose training and teaching experience meets their minimum standards. 

How Does the YAER Work?

Rather than specifically training, Yoga Alliance European Registry provides the educational training standards it recommends teachers, studios, and schools follow in order to ensure an adequate amount of study time is being taken.

Is it a bylaw to requirement to register with the YAER?

The YAER, essentially, it is a voluntary registry comprised of yoga teachers who have previously graduated from schools certified or non certified by YAER who are looking to add further credibility to their yoga experience.

Is it the YAER Certification recognised in Europe only?

Absolutely no. YAER's certification is recognised worldwide. Teachers can teach anywhere in the world and apply for insurance.

Can I teach anywhere in Europe if I did my course overseas?

Yes, you can.  We would recommend that you apply for membership with Yoga Alliance European Registry to show the public and colleagues that you completed a high standards teacher training. We accept applications from applicants from non YAER registered schools if the curriculum of study meets our standards.

Who can access the YAER Registry?

The Registry can be accessed by yoga teachers, yoga therapists,Bikram yoga teachers and yoga schools of all traditions and lineages.

What are the entry requisites for Yoga Teachers?

A minimum of 250 hour yoga teaching qualification from any  YAER registered or non-registered school providing the curriculum meet our standards.

What shall I do if I hold a RYT 200 qualification?

Teachers with a 200-hour qualification can add a minimum of 50 or more hours of further training or, teaching classes to students  experience from the date they qualified. To confirm teaching hours, a letter from employer, notary public, lawyer or accountant to confirm the hours taught is mandatory.

What are the requisites for Yoga Schools?

The new Yoga Alliance European Registry Standards system is to include a school in the RYS (Registered Yoga School) online Directory only when its YTT (Yoga Teacher Training) meet the requirements set forth by YAER.

As part of the Registrtion Porcess

 What are the Benefits of Joining YAER

  • Directory Listing
    Members of YAER are given a profile that is added to the Directory page. This profile verifies your registration, increases your visibility, and also helps lead more potential clients in your direction.
  • Increased Credibility
    The YAER Mark is a globally recognised symbol in the yoga community. Once obtained, this credential is one that most all yogis will acknowledge on your resumé or website.
  • Being Part of the Yoga Alliance Community
    When you join, you’re not only becoming part of an association, but you’re also becoming part of an exclusive community. Here you will be able to network and connect with like-minded people who share the same passion and love for the art of yoga.
  • Access to Free Online Workshops
    Throughout the year, online workshops are provided to help educate members on the challenges currently being faced by yoga teachers, schools, and studios. Members of Yoga Alliance receive free registration to these online study groups.
  • Resources
    Along with publications provided on the YAER website, we also supply resources for yoga teachers and schools to view at their convenience. 

Are You Required to Join YAER ?

Necessary or required? No. Useful and beneficial? Yes.